Determining Your IRS Refund Status

There is a government website that has a tool that allows tax filers to track their IRS refund status.  It’s located at the IRS website and it requires you to type in your social security number.  There are few things to know about this tool, and reading this can save you some stress and aggravation in determining your IRS refund status.


IRS Refund Status: Tool Tips

  1. First, there is a warning: don’t use any other website to track your IRS refund status other than the IRS site.  Check for “.gov” in the URL (website address) or go directly from
  2. Secondly, sometimes the IRS refund tracking tool has delays, even though the IRS says it doesn’t.  People have gone to the website, typed in the necessary information (social security number and dollar amount of refund expected) and gotten the response that there is no information regarding their return.

That’s scary!  However, if you have received confirmation from the IRS that your return was accepted, there should be no delay in getting your IRS refund.  The message on the refund status website is concerning the tracker tool only, not the actual processes that deliver your refund to you.

So if it looks like the IRS doesn’t know about your IRS refund status, it’s been at least 72 hours since you e-filed, and you did receive a confirmation of acceptance from the IRS, then don’t panic.  It’s just the tracker tool that’s delayed, so your IRS refund status is unavailable. The refund should still be on its way in 10 to 21 days regardless of the IRS Refund Status website.


Are You Missing Out on your IRS Tax Refund?

Every year at tax time we hear about people getting their refund checks.  There are plenty of retailers out there too, who have lots of ideas on how we should all spend our IRS tax refund.  It’s like getting a cash gift for doing nothing so many folks like to spend the tax refund money on something fun.  Are you missing out on your IRS tax refund?

You may not want to do your taxes but chances are you are due an IRS tax refund.  Most employers withhold taxes which, when credits and deductions are calculated at tax time, come right back into your bank account.

If you claimed the correct number of exemptions when you filled out your IRS W4 form then it’s probably to your financial benefit to file your federal income taxes.  Usually too much is withheld so you get it back at tax time.

You can file your taxes online, on a paper form, or by going to a storefront tax preparation center and paying them a fee to file your income taxes for you.  Once you file the taxes, it’s just a matter of time and your IRS tax refund will be direct deposited or sent to you as a paper check.  It’s up to you.

Your IRS Refund


If you have already filed your taxes and are simply waiting for your IRS refund, there are a few ways you can check the status.

Check the irs Where’s My refund website

To check on the status of your IRS refund, go to the “Where’s My Refund?” website.  There, you will be asked to enter some personal information: your Social Security number and the exact dollar amount of the IRS refund, taken from your tax form submitted to the IRS.

Call the IRS Refund Hotline

If you prefer, you can also call the Where’s My Refund hotline at 800-829-1954.  Same thing, you will asked for information only you wold know.  This includes your filing status: married, single, or married filing jointly.

how long does my irs refund take?

There are several things that can delay your IRS refund, but if your tax forms were completed accurately and completely, you should see that IRS tax refund between three and six weeks of the IRS’s acknowledgment of receiving it.

what can delay your irs refund

If you make mistakes filing your taxes or if the forms are incomplete, your IRS refund will take longer.