Quick Tips to Stay Ahead of the IRs Refund Calendar for 2014


If you want your tax refund back as fast as possible, there are only two things you can do to try and speed up your timing on the IRS Refund Calendar for 2014.  One is to file electronically and the other is to choose a Direct Deposit refund.  Here’s how to achieve both:

How to File Your Taxes Electronically

Hands down, the best way to file your federal income tax return is to do it yourself using free software on your own computer.  Here’s why.

  • It’s cheaper since it’s free
  • It’s faster since you can start preparing your return any time, even before the IRS starts accepting e-files in late January
  • It’s easy since nowadays the software guides you through easy questions that anyone can understand

How to Get Direct Deposit Refund

This is actually just another reason to file your income taxes electronically with your own PC at home using tax prep software.  When you are almost finished with the tax program, at the end they will ask you how you want your IRS refund sent to you.  If you want to be on the early end of the IRS Refund Calendar for 2014, you will choose Direct Deposit, which is so much faster than the other choice…a paper check mailed to you.  Need I even explain why?

Keeping Tabs on the IRS Refund Calendar 2014

To keep abreast of the IRS Refund Calendar 2014 after you’ve e-filed your taxes, use the IRS Refund Tracker, which lets you create a login on the IRS website,  Then you’ll get to see what’s up with your tax return, and estimate when your refund will be issued.

The IRS Refund tracker is available here and don’t go anywhere but the IRS website since you’ll be at risk of compromising the safety of your personal information by typing it into a random non-IRS website.  Identity theft and refund stealing are rampant in the tax world!


The IRS Tax Refund Schedule 2014 for Early Filers

Woman in home office with computer smiling

The 2014 IRS Tax Refund Schedule has begun.  The IRS took in its first e-filed tax returns one week ago, so the first rollouts of refunds should start happening soon.

Were you an early filer?

There’s a growing body of taxpayers who make it a point to file as early as possible with the goal of getting their IRS refunds as soon as humanly possible.  If you are an early filer, then you might see your refund very soon.  IRS Refund dates for 2014 are right around the corner.  The IRS tax refund schedule for 2014 is of course based on past years’ turnaround times…and a vast majority of early filers got their refunds in 10 days last year.

We Can Estimate a Refund Schedule But Times Have Changed

But there are only a few years of history to use as a gauge.  Why?  Because the IRS completely changed the way they look at tax returns in couple of years back.  It wast his change that makes anything like a regular IRS Tax Refund Schedule in 2014 nearly impossible to rely upon.

No two tax returns are alike, of course.  And because of that, it’s nearly impossible to predict which tax returns will raise alerts in the IRS computers, signalling them to be pulled out and sent for deeper analysis.  What the IRS is doing is checking for suspicious data on every single tax return they get.  If something is flagged, that return is held up for a more thorough check.  Of course that causes delays in what used to be a pretty regular IRS Tax refund schedule.  It’s for this reason that neither the IRS nor anyone else can no longer publish a “Refund Schedule”.

Instead of the IRS Tax Refund Schedule 2014, Use This

So where does that leave us?  Actually, with something better.  It’s called the IRS Refund Tracker.  You log in and track your very own tax return on the IRS website.  It’s very similar to tracking a package.  Tracking a package is far superior to relying on average transit times, right?  Well it’s the same with your IRS refund for 2014.

Where are the IRS Refund Cycle Dates for 2014?


Tax time is in full swing and you may have already filed your income tax return for last year.  If so, you might be expecting a refund and you’re looking for the IRS Refund Cycle dates for 2014.  Are you looking for a chart dates?

Searching for the IRS Refund Cycle Dates in 2014 is a Waste of Time

Do you like wasting your time?  No, didn’t think so…which is why I’m here to tell you about the new way to find out where your refund is.  It’s the IRS website, or the IRS2go App for your phone.  Stop searching the internet for IRS refund cycle dates in 2014 because that’s just so…2010.  The IRS stopped publishing so-called IRS Refund Cycle charts in 2011 when they introduced the IRS Refund Tracker.

The IRS Refund Tracker is simply an area on the IRS website where you can create a login and password.  You can then log in every day to check the status of your very own tax return.  In the “old days”, before the new tracking system, sure it was easy to find a chart with refund dates on it.  But the dates were all-purpose dates for every taxpayer.  They represented when you could expect to receive your IRS refund, but not what was actually happening to your personal tax return.

There is no Cycle Anymore

The old Refund Cycle date charts created expectations that sometimes weren’t met.  That, in turn, caused stress on taxpayers whose refunds were delayed.

“If there’s a regular  IRS Refund Cycle of dates, then why is my refund so late?

Now the IRS doesn’t issue refunds in as regular a manner as they used to.  Some people’s returns get processed quickly and others get delayed.  It’s kind of like the Security line at the airport.  Some people get checked a little more thoroughly and others sail through without a hitch.  Almost everyone eventually gets to the airplane.  It’s just that some get delayed and some don’t.

So please stop your search for the IRS Refund Cycle Dates in 2014.  They just don’t exist!


IRS Refund Delays


Have you already filed your federal income tax return?  Are you expecting a refund?  Well you’re not alone…each year millions of taxpayers eagerly await refund season- it’s easy to understand, with the average IRS refund totaling a couple thousand dollars.  Many people have earmarked that money for major purchases, bill payment, or vacations…not that I’m recommending doing that!  Whatever the case may be, each year around this time there are a lot of Americans waiting for refunds with let’s say, not just a little bit of impatience.

Why People Get Nervous About IRS Refund Delays

So, when IRS Refund delays start happening, you can probably guess what goes on in the minds of people who have already spent their refund, so to speak.  It makes them very nervous!  What I’m here to tell you is stop being nervous.  The IRS processes tax returns in a very different manner nowadays.  It causes more unexpected refund delays, as a matter of fact.

You see, in the “old days”, before the IRS worried so much about identity theft and fraud, and before this business of stealing IRS refunds really got out of hand, an IRS refund delay really did mean something bad.  It usually meant that something was wrong with your return, or at least something fishy.

Why People Shouldn’t Get Nervous About IRS Refund Delays

But now that’s not true anymore.  With the IRS’s new returns processing systems, almost anything can flag a return as “fishy” and cause it to be held up for further examination.  And as you guessed, this causes IRS Refund delays in a big way.  Heck, even a typo will slow down processing of your return, hence a delay in your refund.

So, the word is: don’t panic if your refund hasn’t arrived in the time window you thought it would.  Just because it’s delayed, doesn’t mean there’s a serious problem.  It just means they want to check it again.  Use the IRS Refund Tracker at IRS.gov to track your own tax return, so refund delays won’t cause you quite so much panic.  It’s located here and don’t use any other website other than the IRS or you will become part of the problem…identity theft!


2014 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart

Wondering where your IRS refund is?  There’s only ONE way to find out.  It’s NOT the 2Tax refund sign014 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart.  It’s the online Refund Tracker found on the IRS website.  If you don’t have a computer you can call the IRS Refund Hotline and a customer service rep will type it in for you on his or her computer but they won’t tell you anything more than what you would have found out by logging in yourself.

You can’t expect a Refund Cycle Chart anymore…that’s old news.  Yes, you used to be able to check your IRS refund with a chart because the timing was predictable.  No longer.  Times have changed!

So, You Found a 2014 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart?

If you think you have found a 2014 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart then you have found something that someone who is not from the IRS has created because they know you are looking for it.  Seriously, times really have changed.  It’s hard to get used to new ways of doing things but this is the new era of identity theft, fraud and hacking.  The IRS has had to completely revamp its way of processing your income tax returns so that pretty much obliterated the 2014 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart.

They have  been forced to install fraud-protection measures in the tax return processing division.  Some tax returns are pulled for further scrutiny while others are not.  This is what totally wrecks the idea of a 2014 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart.  You just don’t know whether your return is late because there’s a problem or if because there’s not a problem but the IRS just needs to check it a little more carefully.

And if you call the IRS Refund Hotline don’t think you’ll get any more information than the Online Tracker will give.  Those people answering the Refund Hotline telephones are just customer service reps.  They don’t have access to much at all on the IRS system.  They can only type in your social security number for you and tell you what’s up with your Refund.  They cannot tell you why it has been saying in process for three weeks, for example.

For the IRS Online Refund Tracking tool, go here to the IRS website.