Help! I Lost My IRS Tax Refund Check!

If your IRS check is lost you can initiate a trace on it.  This generally results in a new refund check being issued.  If the refund check was destroyed or stolen, the same process is used to authorize a new refund check.

If you’ve checked IRS tax refund status of your check and it should have arrived a long time ago, you can start a trace.  This means you call the IRS and tell them you either never got the refund check or you got it and it was lost, stolen, or destroyed.

If you prefer, you can fill out IRS form 3911 instead of calling.  Either way, you have to initiate the check refund trace within 17 working days of the date the IRS received your income tax return.


What Do IRS Refund Delays Mean for Me?

The IRS refund chart shows a time period of 7 or 8 days turnaround time on your IRS tax refund.  However, lots of taxpayers have experienced IRS refund delays this year, so much that the general wisdom is to expect your IRS refund in 10 to 21 days.

The IRS explained the delays by stating they’ve implemented new identity theft procedures and software.  This slows down the whole IRS refund process.

There was another online problem, when some people tried to use the IRS website’s Where’s My Refund? interactive tool, they were told the IRS had no information regarding their return.  While that must have been a bit scary for some people, it was only a temporary glitch that is no longer a problem.

Sometimes IRS refund delays do mean something special for you: it can mean your tax return was flagged for extra scrutiny.  The IRS can delay your refund if fraud is suspected or if they need to scrutinize your return a bit more.

Check Your IRS Refund Status by Phone


You can check your IRS tax refund online but if you don’t have internet access there is the IRS Refund Hotline.  The IRS Refund telephone number is 800-829-1954. You can speak in English or Spanish to get information about when you will receive your IRS tax refund.

The IRS employee answering the phone will ask you for the same information that’s required on the IRS check refund website.  That is, they will ask you for your Social Security Number (or your spouse’s, depending on your filing status).

AtT the IRS hotline You will also need to provide your filing status and the whole dollar amount of your IRS tax refund shown on your tax return.  Whole dollar amount means the amount without the cents.  That is, anything after the decimal point is left off.

If you have a smartphone, you can use IRS2GO, which lets you check your IRS tax refund status with your phone.  Just download the application of that name (IRS2GO) and you’re good to go.

How to Check on Your IRS Refund

Are you waiting for an IRS refund on your income taxes?  If you are, then here are some things you should know about the IRS tax refund schedule and your IRS refund.  You can check your IRS refund status online at the IRS website.  The website has an interactive feature that instructs you to enter personal data in order to show the status of your tax refund.  It’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Filing online (also known as e-filing) will allow you to check your IRS refund status earlier than if you had mailed in your tax return.  You can check the status in as little as 72 hours (that’s 3 days) after it’s accepted by the IRS.

To check the status of your mailed-in tax return, you’ll have to wait three to four weeks.  What a difference!

When you hit submit and file your taxes electronically, there is usually a short wait before the IRS receives it and then sends you an acknowledgement email.  Once you get that email, start counting the 72 hours. More info click here