IRS Status of Refund

Looking for the IRS Status of Refund for your tax return?  Well beware the scammers out there!  You’ll see websites offering tax calendars showing when to expect your tax refund.  Some show turnaround times as little as 5 days!

Well let me give you the truth:  the ONLY way to find out about your IRS Status of Refund is to go directly to the IRS website and log in.  You can find personalized information about your tax return and what happened to it since you filed it with the IRS.  There no such things anymore as the following outdated ways of finding out about your IRS refund:

  1. Refund Schedule
  2. Refund Cycle Chart
  3. IRS Refund Schedule
  4. IRS Refund Status Schedule

Now we have the IRS Refund Tracker and it’s light years ahead of the old charts and cycles.  You get your own information, not some one-size-fits-all chart that never was much good anyway at predicting the turnaround time of your tax return.

So nowadays when you do see the charts with the current year date on it…

  • 2014 IRS Refund Chart
  • IRS Refund Schedule 2014
  • IRS Refund Cycle Chart 2014


…you can guarantee it’s a hoax.  The IRS has only ONE thing to say on tax refund turnaround times:

9 out of ten taxpayers will get their IRS refunds in 21 days

That’s it!  21 Days!  So where some website owners got the gall to print Refund Schedules that claim you’ll get your refund in 5 days is anybody’s guess.


To track your refund, which is the ONLY way to get your IRS Status of Refund, go here to the IRS website’s Refund Tracker page and log in.  You’ll need your Social Security Number, some numbers from your tax return, and few more pieces of personal information that only you would know.