How to Check on Your IRS Refund

Are you waiting for an IRS refund on your income taxes?  If you are, then here are some things you should know about the IRS tax refund schedule and your IRS refund.  You can check your IRS refund status online at the IRS website.  The website has an interactive feature that instructs you to enter personal data in order to show the status of your tax refund.  It’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Filing online (also known as e-filing) will allow you to check your IRS refund status earlier than if you had mailed in your tax return.  You can check the status in as little as 72 hours (that’s 3 days) after it’s accepted by the IRS.

To check the status of your mailed-in tax return, you’ll have to wait three to four weeks.  What a difference!

When you hit submit and file your taxes electronically, there is usually a short wait before the IRS receives it and then sends you an acknowledgement email.  Once you get that email, start counting the 72 hours. More info click here